Thursday, January 21, 2010

.i know what's coming

.brothers and sisters, i have been lifted to the heavens overlooking a far away land....and my eyes did see, my ears did hear what is in store for each and every one of us.

.as i sat up in the clouds, i could feel it all around me. .the coming of a storm. swelling up, the skies were, with the pending devastation that could have never possibly been conceived by us mere mortals.

.in that next instant, i could not even feel my own heart pounding in my chest, as the beats were drowned out by a barrage of god-like thunder claps that made me fear that my own chest was going to cave in.

.before i could understand it all, i was knocked from my cloud as a bolt of lightning swept by with unfathomable speed, searing my arm, and broke off into other glorious bolts. .with surgical precision it split ancient stones and ever-lasting trees that called the ground below, home.

.hitting the ground, surprisingly, i survived. .no time was there to shake the cobwebs from my fall as i looked up and heading straight for me was a mighty tyrannosaur walking its path of violent destruction. .i closed my eyes. .i couldn't look on as i feared this was the end.

.for some reason unknown, i was spared. .but that didn't mean the tyrannosaur had stopped. .no. .it continued on, turning the tranquil plain into a ruby red killing field. .only this time, now, the lethal lizard had been joined by his two elemental companions. .thunder. .lightning. .both had become flesh. .thunder, who's eyes were as black as a demon's heart, looked right at me and it made my very soul want to leave my body and flee. .lightning, his eyes i dared not gaze into out of fear for scorching my retinas, were teeming with the raw, unharnessed energy of a blinding, white light. .the three, leaving nothing left behind in their harmonious wake.

.i saw and heard all of this. .i felt its force. .and let me tell you, my brothers and sisters…it scared me…scared me like nothing i had ever experienced….and i smiled.

.all of this is coming, i now tell you. .those who have remained faithful, shall be rewarded. .those whose hearts have been filled with doubt, shall wet themselves in their own shame. .all will be forever changed. .no one will remain the same.

.all of this is coming and unto you, i whisper….".be warned. .beware. .take care..."


.the herald


  1. Brother man, I'm so glad to see you taking the leap of faith. Getting your words in front of the eyes that need to read them. Artistic endeavors are the most risky, yet most rewarding things. Trust me. I know a little about it. I've always enjoyed your work and I've always believed in you. That hasn't changed. I'm excited for you. When the rewards come, I'll rejoice with you. When the critics are brutal, I'll help you re-group. The life of an artist is not an easy one but when that's your mission... don't fight it.

    Best of luck to you, Aron. I Love You, Buddy
    .u .s

  2. Thanks! Thanks for believing in me!
    I love you, too!